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Water: The Mother of Tea

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1 Water: The Mother of Tea on Sun Apr 12, 2015 10:19 pm

When Lu Yu wrote the Chájīng or the "Classic of Tea" at around 760 AD, he emphasized the importance of using quality water to brew one's tea. He explained that even if you have the highest quality tea leaves, if your water is not of good quality, it will be a huge waste. But if you have good quality spring water, even a so-so quality tea leaves will give you a great tasting tea. The ancient tea masters have recommended using mountain spring water. But that being a difficult thing to do in the present, filtered water will do but never use tap water or distilled water. Too much chlorine and minerals from processed waters affect the final outcome of your cup giving you a flat tasting tea liquor.

How about you? What kind of water do you use? Experiment with various water types and see the difference!

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